This groundbreaking female-fronted indie band formed among several Taipei college friends in 1998 as Taiwan was experiencing an emergence of experimental rock bands. As the creative force of the band, Shine writes powerful song in which she sings in a wavering pitch that can go from a soft murmur to pained shouts. The music is equally mercurial changing from folky indie to bass-driven punk and even swinging rock, causing some to draw comparisons to dream pop band Mazzy Star and Japanese experimental pop singer Shiina Ringo. Their first album Cool was the first ever release on the local indie label White Wabbit Records which they followed up with in 2005 with Taxi Room while appearing on the Lobo compilations along the way.

The Peppermints began appearing at events on their college campus in the late 90's and soon joined the live house circuit playing shows at the Underworld and The Wall where they became part of a scene that also included Bad Daughter and Nipples. In 2003, they had the unique pleasure of opening for one of their own influences, the notable American songstress Cat Power. And by 2005, they had already joined many of the island's major festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz. Peppermint's drummer Gaetan also spearheaded a movement for quality public broadcasting called Alternative Media Generator bringing aboard protest rockers Black Hand Nakasi for support. After some small line-up changes and the return of original bassist Tonpa from military service, The Peppermints have become more active with performing and recording. In 2007, they took made a short Tokyo tour and can still be seen at major music events around Taiwan.

"God's Lamb" - MV



Taxi Room - White Wabbit Records - 2005
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Cool - White Wabbit Records - 2002
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VA - Lobo 2 - White Wabbit Records - 2004
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VA - Lobo 1 - White Wabbit Records - 2003
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