A sophisticated blur of modern rock, Rabbit is Rich consists of dance rock rhythms, jagged guitars and an art punk diva named Andrea on the mic. Adam and Egghead keep it danceable on bass and drums, respectively, while Ethan turns their songs into a garage noise freak out. Shortly after forming in 2007, Rabbit is Rich, haphazardly named for the John Updike novel, have gained a following among Taiwan's youth for their bold and vibrant approach to indie rock unheard of before on Taiwan. The band has recorded several demo songs, which have created a buzz among fans waiting for a full-length.

Shortly after making the band, Rabbit is Rich became an instant sensation at live house events and festivals around Taiwan. Stylish, enraptured and wired, one can tell Andrea draws on Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O for her stage performance, and after a year of appearing at major festivals like Spring Scream, Peace Fest and Formoz, she's developed her own stage presence that enthralls new audiences at every show. As Andrea grasps the mic in a fever, Ethan jumps hysterically wearing a giant rabbit head until it tumbles off or simply flails his guitar in manic style, and then, everything ends in a noisy crash while the beat keeps going.