Forming in 1997 among several college friends, Sugar Plum Ferry spearheaded an indie rock scene that would focus on experimental post-rock for years to come. Originally comprised of guitarist Xiao-Bai aka Insecteens, bassist Leaf Lee and drummer Yoz, the group became known for their meandering instrumentals that placed emphasis on natural rock sounds yet were innovatively composed. With this line up, Sugar Plum Ferry released their first album entitled "Lack of Something" in 2001 which is now seen as a landmark in Taiwan's indie music history. After Yoz left, eventually forming Chasing Sparrow, Xiao-Bai, who had recorded for Tin Pan Alley's first album in the meantime, had to fulfill his obligatory military service. Nevertheless, 2005 saw Sugar Plum Ferry return to the stage and studio alike eventually releasing their long-awaited second album "Thank You for Reminding Me," on the eminent local indie label White Wabbit Records.

As a college band, Sugar Plumb Ferry got their start playing with up and coming Taiwan rock groups like 1976 and Groupie. After performing at many venues and festivals across the island, they were invited to open up for American experimental groups Seam and Macha during the Taiwan stop of their 1999 tour. After reforming in 2005 with John Wu taking over on drums as well as the addition of a flautist, Sugar Plum Ferry started touring and even supported Icelandic experimental electronica group Múm on their visit to Taiwan. In early 2008, the band traveled to Tokyo to join a day long international experimental rock concert with artist including Soft Circle from NYC, and later that year, they opened for the renowned Japanese post-rock band Mono at Formoz. Sugar Plum Ferry are one of the longest running indie bands on the island and are a recommended attraction for anyone interested in the Taiwan music scene.

"Alone Canal" - Live



Thanks For Reminding Me - White Wabbit Records - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Lack of Something - 2001