Known for being one of the longest running live music bars in Taipei, DV8 ended 20 years of serving drinks, hosting open-mics and holding occasional rock shows in early 2007. Upon entering the street level tavern door, one could sense the bar's history as a local dive with all the late night seediness of a Taiwanese-owned joint that countless expats have haphazardly stumbled across. In recent years, the walls had been painted over by a locally known artist who had also done the murals found in the Underworld. The DJ station was situated next to an inconspicuous stairway to the basement which lead down to the live house area with wooden benches, pool table and hypnotic black and white swirling wall paintings. As the local underground scene flourished with a wave of new punk bands looking for a place to claim as their own, rock shows became a regular occasion with bands like The Deported, DGS, Heavy Smoker, Chasing Sparrow and the Deadly Vibes attempting to make the place into a kind of CBGB for Taipei. However, the venue shut down leaving many regulars to reminisce about the good times and many rockers in search of another weekend hang out with as much character. In 2008, the owners decided to reopen DV8 at a new location as a bar and restaurant with nightly DJs, but unfortunately, no live music.


The new DV8: back in black

Last call at DV8