The Roxy chain of nite spots have long been a staple for Taipei's thrill-seeking college students and English teacher expats looking for some action. While most of Taipei's other nite clubs spin hip hop and techno, Roxy takes pride in being know for throwing some rock and indie hits into the mix. During the formative years of the Taiwan rock scene in the 90's, the basement venue Roxy Vibe was a common place to go see up-and-coming taike bands like Mayday, when they still had some edge, as well as other new music rock groups. After 2000, the venue ceased hosting live shows and became know as a popular after hours hook-up joint, operating primarily from midnight to seven in the morning. However, Vibe has seen a recent revival in live music events since concertgoers once again descended into the black-walled dungeon for a successful 2007 Halloween party. Mostly bands of the expat variety including Public Radio, High Tide and the Deadly Vibes have been responsible for the surge in rock events, but this has lead to numerous local bands like Mosquilephant, Rabbit is Rich and Hotpink to make appearances at the venue as well.



'Hell's Basement' Halloween party rocks Roxy Vibe