Hidden in a basement level complex on Roosevelt Rd. near the Taipei's university district is The Wall, the premier venue for live music in the city. After descending the stairs of the street level entrance, concertgoers pass various shops that have their place in the youth culture of Taiwan; a practice studio, Impo's indie fashion store, J's Tattoo parlor and couple record stores including Metal Gate and White Wabbit Orange. At the end of this underground candyland is The Wall Live House where one can find a variety of bands playing five nights a week. The stage offers ample set-up space for bands while the pit area contains a several round tables and stools and enough standing room for a well packed house making The Wall a desirable place for touring bands. In fact, in recent years, many Asian and western bands have played at the venue increasing its reputation as an international hub. In 2006, Consider the Meek arranged a major punk event with Hong Kong hardcore outfit King Ly Chee and California punk band NOFX. Among other notable foreign acts, Canadian indie ensemble Broken Social Scene and Scottish post-rockers Mogwai have made appearances onstage. Nevertheless, countless local bands have helped make The Wall the renowned establishment it has become.



Indie stars rock The Wall