When you come to the seething heart of Taipei's subculture you will find yourself at the Underworld. Across from Shida park in the city's university quarter, the Underworld hosts diverse local bands of all styles six nights a week. Bands usually stop before midnight because of noise ordinariness and then a regular rotation of DJs takes over until the wee hours. The narrow space, decorated with surreal wall paintings by resident DJ Floaty, extends from the stairway entrance to the stage area and has a cavern-like atmosphere. Several key members of Taiwan's underground scene help out at the live house including Wan Ting of Ladybug and Varo fame who occasionally does sound. Over the years just about every Taiwanese band has played the Underworld running the gamut of genres from indie pop trio Tizzy Bac to rockabilly band Sugar Lady to metal group Infernal Chaos. Ladybug created a stir when they reformed and showed their "Punk Asshole" home movie during a show with Hotpink. More recently, electronic support musician Show Yow started booking events at with Underworld with Back 2 The Future (a.k.a. B2TF), an initiative to organize more electro music events especially with foreign artists. Despite a short hiatus in holding live music in 2006, the Underworld has been steadily having shows for the past two years. If you want to experience the Taiwan indie scene with all its musical experimentation, vibrant personality and assorted oddities, then you should look for the sign post that points down to the Underworld.




All's well down in the Underworld