Ashen is one of the new breed of metal bands in Taiwan to experiment with aggressive hardcore sounds and other crossover styles. The result is a thrashy grindcore outfit that places emphasis on heavy guitar and has the ability to churn out speed or doom metal depending on the song. Front man Bruce provides growling vocals and guitar thrash while bassist A-si and former Fall of this Corner drummer A-dai make up the chaotic rhythm section. Ashen's first release is a split with similar post-hardcore band Usepentosing on Psychoyouth Records.

After forming in 2007, Ashen soon acquired fans among young Taiwanese audiences eager for new a direction in metal as well as more destructive punk and hardcore sounds. The band has joined events like Raw Noise Attack, harbinger of a new Taipei scene of crossover metal bands that also includes Revilement, Total Disruption and Blair Witch among others. However, they also remain a part of the progressive indie scene appearing at events organized by promoter Back 2 the Future including a show at The Wall with Japanese noise punk group Melt-banana. In mid-2009, Ashen completed a China tour organized by Psychoyouth Records and have returned to Taipei where fans are awaiting their first EP release.

Live at Raw Noise Attack



Split w/ USEPENTOSING - Psychoyouth Records - 2008

VA Back 2 The Future Vol. 2 - B2TF - 2008