Seeing that the first Western music to reach Taiwan was heavy metal and hard rock during the 80's, it's no wonder that the island's first underground band to achieve commercial success would be a party rock band that mixes up ear-piercing solos, heavy shredding and power ballads with Taiwanese melodies. When Assassin formed in 1985, artists like Bon Jovi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Megadeth and Metallica were readily available to the youth of Taiwan and provided them with an outlet for rebellion just as rock 'n' roll has done the world over since its inception. Assassin took the dangerous cliches of heavy metal and reworked them for Taiwanese audiences losing nothing in the way of technical skill or recklessness that a true hard rock band should have. Their first album 你家是個動物園 was released in 1993 and gained them fans seemingly overnight as far as Hong Kong. Their sophomore recording I Don't Care marked Assassin as a party band and demonstrated their breadth in songwriting ability from punk-ish anthems to shred metal, glam, acoustic power ballads and even early nu-metal. After a resurgence in classic metal, Assassin came back with a 2001 release entitled Les Fleurs du Mal, thus continuing to influence Taiwan's music scene.

Like most hard rock bands that formed in the 80's, Assassin had to make due with the burgeoning live house circuit that was developing as martial law became more relaxed. So, naturally, they started out as a pub rock band playing regularly at the few small venues that were willing to feature original music, one of which being Scum which is paid homage to on the I Don't Care album. In the early 90's Assassin set the record for touring the island appearing at festivals, universities and, of course, small live houses. And after their initial success, they went to Hong Kong to support Bon Jovi alongside major Chinese metal bands Tang Dynasty and Black Panther. With the release of Les Fleurs du Mal, the band embarked on another tour and have continued to play at Taipei venues like The Wall and Riverside Cafe throughout the 2000's. Assassin represent the roots of Taiwan rock, and moreover, they have continued to influence Taipei's metal scene through all it's phases from nu-metal to crossover making them a must see band if the chance arrives.




Les Heures du Mal - Magnum Music

I Don't Care - Friendly Dog

你家是個動物園 - Friendly Dog