Seraphim are a world-renowned melodic power metal group featuring operatic female vocals by Taiwanese heavy metal queen Quinn. Shredding guitars, ear-piercing solos and gothic in appearance Seraphim have captivated audiences across the globe particularly in Japan and Europe where the metal scene is most potent. After forming in 2001, the band signed to Taiwan's foremost hard rock label Magnum Music. Subsequently, the band released four mega albums, all having production work done by notable studios in Sweden and Finland, with , the most recent and popular being Rising completed in 2009. Two years before its release, Seraphim toured Europe promoting their new songs and gained more fans and notoriety in metal press on the way. Soaring to new heights with the success of Rising, Seraphim has become a major attraction from Taipei's wicked metal scene.

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Rising - Magnum Music - 2009

AI - Magnum Music - 2004

The Equal Spirit - Magnum Music - 2003

The Soul That Never Dies - Magnum Music - 2001