This Taipei metal group formerly known as Neoshark went through some line up changes, their roster even included members from Kazakhstan and New Zealand in the beginning, before reinventing themselves as Temple of the Brain. The group was formed by metal guru Stan and currently consists of Evil Hu on bass, Dean and Ace on guitars and drummer King Kong, who has previously played in Taiwan rock bands Chairman and BackQuarter. Stylistically, Temple of the Brain incorporates extreme metal sounds including thrash, nu-metal and hardcore and have consequently drawn comparison to bands like Sepultura and Biohazard. Neoshark consider themselves to be a Chinese band and their political stance is made apparent on their mini-album The Extreme Purgatory which criticizes the independence movement for threatening the current cross-straight peace. Temple of the Brain's newer material continues to be confrontational in nature, if not always political in motivation.

When Neoshark formed in the early 2000's, Taiwan was seeing surge in nu-metal and they started played out at events featuring similar style extreme metal groups. However, unlike their peers who strived to resemble their MTV counterparts, Neoshark fit better alongside like-minded thrash metal group Triple Six and expat hardcore band The Deported. On stage the band takes on a shock rock appearance with Evil Hu wearing wiry-haired zombie masks influenced by the likes of Slipknot. After the group changed their name and settled on a new line up in 2007, they reintroduced themselves to Taiwan audiences as Temple of the Brain and got an invite to the Midi Festival, Beijing's annual modern rock and independent music affair. Metal heads and hardcore punks who dig thrash and aggressive music should mark Temple of the Brain shows if they find themselves in Taipei.

Live at The Wall





The Extreme Purgatory - 2006