In the early 2000's, Taiwan's metal scene saw a surge in nu-metal bands that placed more of an an emphasis on industrial sounds and thrashing guitars than ear-piercing solos. While Taipei bands are often criticized for emulating their MTV counterparts, Triple Six are known for innovatively stretching the boundaries of the genre. They play with the energy and intensity of a hardcore band, embellish their songs with electronic layers, and apply guttural vocals that occasionally meld with grunge choruses and Chinese rap. While the music is invigorating for hard rock fans, Triple Six's lyrics also serve a purpose commenting on the Island's politics, war and lack of individualism in Taiwanese society. The members are experienced musicians having played in previous bands and guitarist Qui Sheng does double duty for shock rock band Bedroom Riot. Consequently, their first album Parasitic Fragility in You is exemplary of their skill, style and confrontational attitudes.

When Triple Six began playing in 2000 and started writing original material, they became well-known in the Taipei live house circuit appearing at venues like The Wall and the Underworld. The band brought their brand of blistering thrash and industrial to Spring Scream and also made consecutive appearances at Formoz playing for punks and metal heads alike. And although Triple Six's political stance is not lost on the audience, it doesn't alienate them from fans either. Check local listings if your looking for some thrashing metal with post-hardcore stylings.

Live at Formoz 2006



Parasitic Fragility in You - 2007