Situated in downtown Taipei near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, LUXY is one of the city's best known and oldest legitimate superclub. Since opening in 2003, LUXY has thrived off of bring an international urban vibe to Taiwan while also giving exposure to more underground forms of dance music. The main dance hall of the mega club blares booty-shaking mainstream hip hop and RnB while rooms off to the sides range in techno styles from progressive house to trance, ambient and drum 'n' bass. Popular local DJs that have helped mold the Taiwan club scene such as Noodles, Mykal and J-SIX are regulars, but LUXY is also a hot spot for international talent with a broad spectrum of guest performers that has included legends in the field like DJ Jazzy Jeff, underground turntablists like Japan's DJ Krush and Filipino American DJ Qbert as well as mainstream artists like Black Eyed Peas. LUXY also has special events, and even live music on occasion, so it's best to check local listings for when you plan to hit up Taipei's most popular club.



'Superclubs' explode onto Taipei's nightlife scene