Spin was a legendary underground club known for it's subterranean, dungeon-like ambiance and a clientele from the wild side of Taipei. Before multiple room superclubs became the rule for the city's nightlife, many small basement venues existed for smaller raves. Consequently, the music at Spin verged on the underground, and being located in near the university quarter it was more accessible to the expat crowd and students who were being opened up to new music possibilities. Before becoming some of Taipei's top talent, DJs Mykal, Dino and Spykee all honed their skills at Spin. Their technique of mixing mainstream hip hop and techno with lesser known alternative genres of rock and electronica attracted hipsters, punks and musicians from Taipei's underground scenes. The poppy indie rock band Won Fu even immortalized the seedy venue in song entitled "I Used to Go to Spin When I Was a Kid," which tells the story of a typical Saturday night at Spin through the eyes of a Taiwanese teenager. After Spin sadly closed in 2004, the DJs moved onto higher realms becoming residents at the upscale Party Room taking many of the club's party-going crowd with them. Nonetheless, Spin lives on in the memory of many and deserves some affection for its place in the Taiwan indie scene.