In the early 2000's, Fei Records was a punk shop located at The Wall complex in Taipei which carried a small selection of California-style skate punk and pop punk CDs. The shop was managed by Anarchy Allen of Taichung's feirenbang, translated as "the useless motherfuckers," punk gang and former bass player of the influential groups Anarchy and Hindsight 20/20. As well as creating a visible hangout for punk and skater subculture to grow, Fei Records also supported local bands like Fire Ex., Oi!, Silly What?, and Semi-con among others and released a compilation with various Taiwanese punk bands. The shop and label disappeared, but left an imprint on the scene. Before fading out, Fei Records helped organize the Hardcore Strike events featuring Japanese band Endzweck and also had a hand in supporting People's Records first venture to the island in 2005.