After Australian expat Kev Lee got settled into Taiwan, he confronted the local scene with his ideals about veganism, animal rights, activism and DIY hardcore through his band Consider the Meek. As a way to release his own material and promote politically conscious punk events, he started Leek Records. The labels first releases were trial Consider the Meek recordings including the EP Nobody Will Ever Win and debut album entitled Dream Up a Threat. Bringing the Taiwan punk scene onto the global front, Kev compiled Serious Leekage which featured recordings from local and expat bands from around the island including Semi-con, D.G.S., Fire Ex., Deported and Selling Us Everything alongside punk and hardcore tracks from around the world by the likes of Frenzal Rhomb, Propaghandi, Dynamite Club and King Ly Chee. The Leek Split Series, which currently consists of two volumes, continued in this trend highlighting punk music from scenes in Taiwan, the US and Japan. More recently the label has released Consider the Meek's follow-up albums Now Generation and Above the System which have gained the group an international following. Keeping to his roots in activism, Kev used Leek Records for the Taiwan release of LIBERATION: Songs To Benefit PeTA, a compilation to spread awareness and raise money for the animal rights group. Seeking a wider audience, Kev has made deals with DownloadPunk.com for digital releases of Consider the Meek's songs. The albums on CD can be found on online music shops like Interpunk and Pacifiction Records and are distributed through Cock Suck Records and Time Bomb in Japan.

From time to time, Kev Lee has also used the Leek Records label to promote punk events in Taiwan and even perform activist stunts often with an animal rights bent. For instance, members of Consider the Meek made a name for themselves on the streets protesting the lack of vegan-friendly choices available at chain stores like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks. In live houses like Lounge 808, the label has organized shows with a variety of local bands of different styles. In the summer of 2007, arrangements were made by Leek Records for California punk band NOFX to play at The Wall with Hong Kong's King Ly Chee and the label's own Consider the Meek. Most recently, Leek Records created the Antipop! series as a drive to get more foreign bands to visit the island. So far they have been successful in throwing events with notable Japanese headliners including Akiakane, The Vickers and Last Target. When Consider the Meek is not planning worldwide tours, these Antipop! shows keep the local scene interesting.