This now defunct Taipei punk band was pretty innovative at their height in Spring of 2005. They brought a mix of unused sounds from street punk attitude to early hardcore riffing and 90's emotional stylings to the usual bag of pop punk that swelled the scene. Lead singer Eric had a slick curl of tattoos on his upper body and sported a clean-cut mohawk while bass player James brought urban style to the group and Cow, the drummer, blasted out tight metal rhythms. DGS first appeared on a Leek Records compilations entitled Serious Leekage and then went on to submit three songs for a Leek split alongside The Deported and Consider the Meek. In 2005, Eric formed College Town Records in order to release DGS stuff and other local punk and electronic artists centered at Tamkang University. Unfortunately, the company folded leaving a handful of items including a DVD of Da Gi Shion at Spring Scream.

Throughout 2004, DGS played local pubs and live houses like DV8 and The Wall with bands like Semi-con, Children Sucker and The Deported to small crowds of excited punks ready to jump around. By Spring Scream 2005, the band had built a moderate following and Eric showed he could connect with the audience through anecdotes about his cheating girlfriend and finding release through rock and roll. During the show, his tattoos were exposed and he was stripped to his boxers by adoring punks; his parents who didn't know about his ink or that he even had a band were watching the partly televised performance! Apparently this great moment of Taiwan punk was captured on DVD, and best of luck if you can track it down. Shortly after the band disbanded, leaving the members to other musical pursuits.






Leek Split Series 1 - Leek Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Diaffection to LTK - Gamaa Music - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!