Being one of the second generation Taipei punk bands, Angry Young Man formed after 2005 from members of bands from the early island's early punk scene. They are known for diverging from their peer's typical happy punx sound, go back to the roots of punk and come up with something that has a '77 sound, an early hardcore influence and the onstage enthusiasm to match. Lead singer Hao was once a member of the Taipei scene idols Spunka while guitarist Wayne has played with numerous bands on various instruments including Fall of this Corner, The Deported and Children Sucker. Tony, previously from Semi-con, on drums and French expat Herve joining on bass, complete the rhythm section. Angry Young Man have released material on local punk distributor Chngin Records and DIY indie label Unwritten Homemade.

After Angry Young Man first got together as a band, their motto was "We only play 10 minutes!" I think they are up to 20 minutes these days. They often play underground punk shows at Taipei venues like the Underworld as well as DIY functions like White Label, the indie arts fair in Ximending. At every show, the group riles Taipei's dejected youth with furious originals and their sets always includes a garbled Chinese language cover of the Ramones' "Pet Cemetery!" Grasping onto the excitement of a fresh approach to punk rock on the island, more Taiwanese fans are getting in touch with the genre through these Angry Young Men.

Live at The Underworld



Self Titled - Chngin Records - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!