This pop punk band from Taichung came to popularity in 2004 as they were being scouted by mainstream rock and metal record companies. They decided to make a DIY label which they called ROC Steady Co., a nifty play on Taiwan's official name, Republic of China (R.O.C.), and release their own songs along with other Taiwanese indie bands. The Broken Flowers retain a youthful appearance with a style and sound that brings California skate punk to mind.

By the end of 2004 The Broken Flowers had emerged from their hometown of Taichung playing more and more shows with other punk bands in big cities like Taipei. One memorable experience was at a benefit event at The Wall for the 2004 December 26th Tsunami. The audience was filled with numerous punks that crowded around bopping close up to the raised stage as The Broken Flowers ripped through a set. Heavy Smoker's Keichiro took a few stage dives slamming into Ska Michael... And the next thing, the punks had broken a guard rail running along the front of the stage costing them 70 bucks! The following year they participated in the Say Yes to Taiwan concert at Kaohsiung and even took a trip to Japan playing at Yokohama's Club 24. While ROC Steady Co. picked up several local and Japanese artists since 2005, The Broken Flowers have slowed down their activity and remain on hiatus.


Self Titled - ROC Steady Co. - 2004