The name being a clever pun on the chicken races of the 50's where two cars would drive at each other until the loser swerved and a popular dish on Taiwan called chicken rice, this modern rockabilly group is known for serving up classic sounding Americana with tonal Chinese melodies. Tattoos up and down his arms and braids in his wispy beard, Allen Billy plays a combination of guitar styles that include Chuck Berry riffing, Johnny Winter boogie and enough surf a la whammy bar for extra flavor. Chicken Rice released a CD entitled Lucky 7 on the one-shot label Vegetarian Fish Records before going on hiatus indefinitely.

After refining their hyper, punked-up rockabilly, Chicken Rice, with Allen Billy ripping on his guitar, bassist Moon Dog bopping his pompadour and Ben beating the drums, became a common attraction for locals and foreigners alike at major festivals like Formoz, Spring Scream and Peace Fest, and over the years their numerous live house performances have been packed with local punks eager to jump 'n' jive to their classic sounds. By 2005, the band was gigging more often with expat bands like Milk at venues like The Wall and the Living Room. At Spring Scream 2005, Chicken Rice performed with a couple poodle skirt-attired chorus girls on a stage featuring rockabilly bands all day long. Since then the band has stopped playing shows, however, Allen has performed solo periodically.

Live Spring Scream Monkey 2004



Luck 7 - Vegeterian Fish - 2007