This Taipei pop punk band was formerly known as Busy Tree, until the vocalist Ben met Jafy from Semi-con at a NOFX show in Hong Kong in 2006. Jafy joined Ben on bass and adding vocals to make a three chord punk band with catchy riffs in the style of Screeching Weasel and Green Day. The songs are danceable with sporadic sing-along choruses, and not without a sense of poignancy. Duct Tape released a three song EP on ZMN Records, a collective of Taipei based bands including Semi-con, Stay Gold and Heavy Smoker.

Organizing shows alongside their ZMN labelmates, Duct Tape have helped build a small Taipei scene together. And despite obligatory military service, the band finds ways to play shows to enthusiastic audiences at festivals like Spring Scream. Jafy often backs up Ben on vocals and also take over occasionally on leads. Despite being labeled as Taiwan Happy Punx, Duct Tape have a rough live sound which can be seen on footage for the ZMN DVD release He Got Our Suck.

"Heading Forward" - Live




Self Titled - ZMN Records - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!