Hailing from southern Taiwan, the stylized rockabilly trio Fullhouse have created a hootenanny buzz in their hometown of Tainan. Originally consisting of Taiwanese guitarist Jingbing Akira, drummer Bambi and Japanese bassist Dragon5 Kyohei, the drumming position was handed over to Canadian expat Adam in 2007. Sporting rockabilly and subcultural punk gear and in the case Dragon5, a cool cat quiff, Fullhouse are sparking an interest in Teddy Boy style and greaser culture wherever they play around Taiwan. Musically Akira draws from Brian Setzer for his licks, but the band includes elements of surf, punk and a touch of ska into their 50's vibe which have contributed to them being labeled as neo-rockabilly or psychobilly. In 2007, Fullhouse released their first self-titled demo CD which includes their signature tunes "Elvis is a Punk Rocker," "The Sick Social Rocker," and "Your Smile in the Sunset" sung by Dragon5 in Japanese. More recent compositions like "Red Devil Night" and "Lonely Wolf" have become favorites at their shows.

Fullhouse formed in 2004 and were accepted to play the 2005 Spring Scream festival in Kenting where there were enough rockabilly and 50's style bands to merit a stage specifically for the genre. Being the youngest, and at that time virtually unknown, Fullhouse was asked to open for Taipei rock 'n' roll groups Sugar Lady and Chicken Rice, and Greasy Spoon from Japan. Aboit mid-afternoon, they caused an immediate stir among fellow musicians and concertgoers alike with their unheard originals and drove the audience to a frenzy when they covered the Rock-A-Teens classic "Woo Hoo" which had recently been revived by Japanese garage girls 5,6,7,8's. Fullhouse continued to be a favorite among islanders whose interest in 50's style had been piqued and expats residents who were starved for original rockabilly sounds. Over the years they have organized events like Rumble Under Rubber Sole at the local Checkered Record Club in Tainan and have repeatedly appeared at major festivals including Peace Fest, Formoz and of course Spring Scream. In the south of Taiwan, Fullhouse often appears with expat and mix bands of similar retro style like The Cotton Field, The Deadly Vibes and Electrocute. But the group also has connections to punk bands in the north like Hotpink and B.B. Bomb and have toured together as the Riotabilly Rock 'n' Roll Road Trip! So, watch out and get off the road!

Live at Spring Scream 2009




Self Titled - 2006
Available at Pacifiction Records!