Towards the end of the 2000's, Taiwan's punk scene saw a new wave of bands crop up out of the remains of the generation that first established western style punk on the island. After bass player Kim left the punky girl band B.B. Bomb, she joined up with some rowdy boys named Makoto and Da-Tao, formerly of the band Nerve, and formed The Hand Knife Club. The combination of female and male vocals in a Taiwan punk band is unique adding a new dynamic which often has Kim and Makoto trading off in a disjointed punk rock call-and-response. While The Hand Knife Club's songs contains some of the melodic sounds and occasional ska styling typical of their Taiwanese peers, their new material is increasingly darker with more street punk attitude and rock 'n' roll themes.

The Hand Knife Club quickly became popular in their hometown Taichung punk scene where they hosted seminal blues punk group 88 Guava Seedz alongside B.B. Bomb. They have also had the opportunity to spread their reach further afield to cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung playing with bands like Hotpink and Fullhouse. Aside from making yearly appearances at major festivals like Spring Scream, The Hand Knife Club were also hand-picked by Leek Records to join the Anti-pop series and open for Tokyo monster rock band The Vickers. With rock 'n' roll style, Japanese tattoos and frantic energy ricocheting back and forth between Kim and Makoto, The Hand Knife Club incites a rumble for the new generation.



????- 2004
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