This Taipei punk group started in 2004 as a Rancid influenced street punk outfit lead by Keichiro, a Japanese kid living in Taiwan, whose gravelly vocals and choppy leads characterized their sound. The members used to hang out at the Vicious Circle punk subculture shop in Ximen Ding with a similar band called Sex Lips and members of Spunka, an earlier punk and ska band who had influence on their style. By 2006, the line up had changed and adopted Paraguay (a Taiwanese kid who grew up in the country of his nickname) and had joined the ZMN Records collective of Taiwan Happy Punx. Heavy Smoker lost some of their rough edginess, but started to write more polished Hi-Standard style skate punk songs in Japanese and English. Their 2005 demo, Shout of teenagers, shows off the grittiness of their early period.

Towards the end of 2004, Heavy Smoker joined a Spunka reunion at Lounge 808 marking their first big Taipei event. Their next 808 show was a double demo release party with Sexy Lips called Teenagers of Shouts and both bands joined on stage as Sexy Smoker for a rowdy combination set. At these shows the shirtless Keichiro looked like a real life M.U.S.C.L.E. (kinikuman) figure with his block-style mohawk while punks hurled themselves around jumping off the low stage getting just enough height to crowd surf. Throughout 2005, Heavy Smoker became more know within the scene often playing at DV8 with DGS and The Deported. The following year saw a line up change leaving Keichiro to team up with Paraguay who starting co-writing songs and sharing the frontman position during performances. Soon Heavy Smoker began playing in Taichung and Taipei at "Let's Punk Rock" events organized by ZMN Records as well as at major festivals including the Peace Fest and Spring Scream. Their current set includes some of the old songs like the classic Heavy Smoker theme song as well as material with their newer skate and pop punk vibe.




Shout of Teenagers - 2005