Forming in 2003 as a Taipei girl band, Hotpink took influence from the riot grrl movement and incorporated elements of classic pop punk into their songs. Lead by the mischievous emotional artist Sharkie, the band was known for its witty lyrics covering random topics from politics to the punk scene itself sung with a squeaky sneer and set to jumpy guitar punk with surfy riffs; kind of what you can imagine the unlikely combination of The Go Go's and Bikini Kill. Catchy songs like "Nightmare" and "Horny Starfish Prefers Not to Take Breakfast" were memorable after the first listen building anticipation for their live performances. Unfortunately, Hotpink never released anything, only recording unfinished demo tracks. However, they were friends with the reformed Ladybug and both bands made a short surreal mock film together called Punka Pi (or Punk Asshole) in which the members interviewed random people in search of the Punka Pi. Despite going on haitus, Sharkie continued to write material for Hotpink throughout 2007 and is working on some release for 2008.

Hotpink's first major gig was the 2003 Ho-Hai-Yan where they placed among the finalists at the annual battle of the bands earning them a spot on the on a Taiwan Colors Music Indie Music Awards compilation. Since then they have played at every major festival including Say Yes to Taiwan, Autumn Tiger, Formoz and Spring Scream and every performance included Sharkie's obnoxious witticisms. Occasionally she drew black circles on the back of her hands to counter the straight edge "X" and, at the same time, reference a Hotpink song about a failed love affair with a "Straight Edge Boy." By the end of 2005, the group was making a scene with other girl bands like the reformed Lady Bug and played a combination show at the Underworld called Hot Lady Pink Bug vs. The Sex Pistols where both bands were featured playing revised Sex Pistols covers in between screenings of their collaborative mockumentary Punka Pi or Punk Asshole. Around this time, they also joined a few Let's Girl parties organized by local female fronted bands like Braces, B.B. Bomb and Mary Jane's Friends and even played one of these events opening for Japanese pop punk girls Akiakane at The Wall. After going on creative hiatus, Sharkie revived Hotpink bringing the band back to the stage in 2008.

"Punk Asshole" - Part 1
Punk Asshole - Part 1
"Punk Asshole" - Part 2
Punk Asshole - Part 2



VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2003 (TCM029) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2004
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