Since forming in 2000, this Kaohsiung punk rock group has been experimenting with various elements of pop punk and ska alongside Taiwan folk rock melodies to make a unique sound. Like fellow Taike band Children Sucker, they draw heavily on the island's seminal shock rock group LTK Commune. Yet Maho present themselves in a slightly more serious hardcore manner. Their first EP demonstrates their punk songs inflected with ska, surf rock and rustic influence.

Year after year A-Chang commands the stage with his presence backed by his brother A-Fang on guitar and a line up that has settled on bass player Wei Yu and drummer PoPo and. They have played numerous festivals including Say Yes to Taiwan, Formoz and Spring Scream. In 2005, the group opened up for several People's Records groups playing a pre-Spring Scream show at The Wall in Taipei, and they have been the organizers of the Music Orgy events in their hometown in the south. Despite having to deal with members leaving for obligatory military service, the band pushed on and can still be seen at major events around the island today.

"60-70" - Live at Spring Scream Double Rat 2008



TAIWAN FUN: Carrying the Punk Torch: Maho


馬猴樂隊 - 2006
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Diaffection to LTK - Gamaa Music - 2007
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