Mary Jane's Friends were a Taipei punk band made up of some kids that hung around the Vicious Circle store in Ximen Ding. Lead by Freakie, a girl punk and artist, along with two other girls and male guitarist, they became associated with other girl bands in the local scene including Hotpink and B.B. Bomb. With a distinct 70's punk sound, Mary Jane's Friends' recorded several demo tracks with mischievous titles like "Shit Babies" and "Gimme Gimme" rendering them reminiscent of great female fronted UK bands like X Ray Spex and Vice Squad.

After forming in 2003, Mary Jane's Friends played punk shows around Taipei. In the winter of 2004, they joined B.B. Bomb and Hotpink for a Let's Girl party with headliner AKIAKANE, a Japanese pop punk girl band known for their annual Say Yes to Taiwan appearances. Mary Jane's Friends went on to play big festivals, however, they quit shortly after Spring Scream 2006. Recently, guitarist QQ formed Unwritten Homemade, a DIY initiative including indie pop group Freckle and punk rockers Angry Young Man. Freakie continues to write music and perform in her Joy Division and Le Tigre inspired electro-project Horny Cigarettes.

"Maggot" - Live at Spring Scream 2006