Also known as NIUPZHI, the Punk Cow Team was originally conceived as a "joke" band among Taiwan's Taike punk scene by members of 88 Guava Seedz. Their sound blended Taiwanese oldies with 70's punk, psychedelic and surf stylings. Punk Cow Team recorded one EP of cheeky songs about the female anatomy and making "Love Under the Sun" which simultaneously demonstrates their unique Taiwanese approach to rock music.

Characterized by frontman Chen Hao's ability to go from psychedelic to punk guitar riffs in the same song as well as his big hair, the Punk Cow Team was able to gain some credit for going against the grain of the usual pop punk sounds adopted by most Taiwanese bands. Punk Cow Team were also known for their spats with Taipei fashion punks, even getting booted from the stage for mocking Taipei fashion punks Spunka at a Vicious Circle event. By 2005 Punk Cow Team had ceased activity and disbanded despite an attempt at reviving the group with Monkey from Fall of this Corner. Chen Hao can still be seen playing guitar in 88 Guava Seedz, a group that remains a growing presence in the island's local music scene.

Live in 2003





農夫與他的牛百吉 - 2004
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VA - Diaffection to LTK - Gamaa Music - 2007
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