One of the bands originally associated with the feirenbang, a punk gang centered in the hub of the Taiwan punk scene in Taichung, Reproduction, or RPDX, has been highly influential on the scene leaving a lasting impression on many up-and-coming bands. Characterized by their mix of street punk and Hi Standard style skate punk, they are still remembered for their unique sound and energy despite disbanding early. Also translated as The Clones, the band's few recorded songs like "Battle of Freedom" and "Question Mark?" can be found on collections including the classic 2001 Taiwan Colors Music Independent Compilation, the 2002 Ho-Hai-Yan Music Awards comp and Samurai Spirits, a Japanese release featuring punk bands from across Asia.

Reproduction was one of the first generation Taiwan punk bands to join the Fei Parties in Taichung alongside other Feirenbang bands like Nerve Band and Anarchy. They also played with Hong Kong hardcore veterans King Ly Chee on their first trip to Taiwan. In 2002, the band also some a lot of activity appearing at major festivals like Spring Scream, and competing in the Ho-Hai-Yan battle of the bands. While they disbanded soon after, Reproduction have continued to play infrequently throughout the years, and their influence can be seen in bands from Kaohsiung's Fire Ex to Taipei's Semi-con.

"Question Mark" - MV


VA - Samurai Spirits - Einstein Records - 2004
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VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2002 (TCM023) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2003
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VA - Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001 (TCM015) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
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