Originally hailing from Puli, Semi-con often joined the burgeoning Taichung punk rock scene spawned by a local punk gang called Useless Mother Fuckers, or feirenbang. Small but wily frontman Jimi contrasts slightly with Jafy, the bulky bassist but found a connection in punk music as teenagers in small town Taiwan. And so, they made a band adopting a pop punk sound similar to their California favorites NOFX and Japanese skate punk heroes Hi Standard. In 2004, the band recorded and self-released their first EP which was a cornerstone for Taiwan punk in its own right. By 2006 Semi-con had relocated to Taipei where Jimi and Jafy formed ZMN Records to put out their second EP Youth. ZMN Records assembled rather as a collective with other Taipei happy punks in order to release material and promote events like their Let's Punk Rock parties.

Cutting their teeth in the early 2000's at Taichung punk events called Stock Rock, and later Fei Parties, Semi-con showed promise as a band as well as dedication to the local punk scene. Eventually, the band would play most of the island's large yearly festivals including Spring Scream, Ho-Hai-Yan and Formoz. In 2003, they even broke ground and built bridges by touring China with Kaohsiung punks Fire Ex and the infamous Beijing based Reflector. Before Spring Scream 2005, they opened for various People's Records bands including Bubblelovele and Seven Stars Rockers at a pre-show at The Wall. Most recently Semi-con has been organizing Let's Punk Rock parties featuring local bands on the ZMN label like Heavy Smoker, Stay Gold and Duct Tape who Jafy also joined on bass. Unfortunately, obligatory military service keeps them from having complete line ups leaving many bands on indefinite hiatus, and consequently halting events.

Live at Ho-Hai-Yan 2008



Youth - ZMN Records - 2006
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Diaffection to LTK - Gamaa Music - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!