Sexy Lips was formed in 2004 by several Taipei high school kids who, instead of covering popular bands of the day like Green Day and Avril Lavigne, chose The Ramones as their champions. Lanky lead singer A-han decked out in leather and studs took to the stage nodding his spiky mohawk to the crowd while the punks in the band did sloppy Taiwan style originals in homage to bands like The Exploited and Rancid. Unfortunately, A-han shook the Taipei punk community when he committed suicide, in effect, taking Sexy Lips to the grave with him. Despite the tragedy, Sexy Lips left us with a demo of promising punk rock songs that are still there to be discovered.

Like many Taiwanese punk band, they start playing in high school bands usually doing popular covers at school events like show cases and battle of the bands. On a rare occasion, a group of these teenage bands from different high schools will get together and rent out a space like The Wall for a Sunday afternoon. Sexy Lips first major show was at The Wall where about ten with each band playing three songs. Most groups showed up in their school uniforms and played their favorite Cold Play, Nirvana and Avril Lavigne songs with few originals in between. Then all of a sudden, the curtain opened on some mohawked greaseballs in leather jackets that blitzed through the sloppiest version of "Blitzkrieg Bop" you could possibly imagine! At that moment, I felt how much punk rock reaches out to youth the world over.

Sexy Lips, who also hung out at the Vicious Circle punk store with the likes of Heavy Smoker, went on to do several shows together including a Spunka reunion at Lounge 808 and a December 26th Tsunami benefit at the Wall with several other local bands including The Broken Flowers. In early 2005, they threw a double demo release party at Lounge 808 with Heavy Smoker entitled Teenagers of Shouts featuring an encore with both bands taking the stage under the name Sexy Smoker. At every show, A-han took command of the mic with energy and charisma and his death is a loss for Taiwan punks. Sid Vicious? I wouldn't think so. Darby Crash? maybe not. But, it is proof of a self destructive element hidden within the happy facade.