Silly What?

This pop punk band formed in Taichung around 2000 latching onto much of the same skate punk sounds coming out of Japan at the time citing bands like Husking Bee, Going Steady and Hi Standard as influences, yet letting Taiwan's natural melodic inflections seep into the songs along with occasional ska stylings. They are associated with the feirenbang having been included on the first Taiwan punk comp Fly to the Sun, Fly to You along side Fire Ex., Oi!, Reproduction and the Nerve Band. The band has recorded several songs with videos to go along that would find themselves in the happy punks category with titles like "Cute Girl" and "Dancing in the Lucky Day."

Like many first wave Taiwan punk bands, Silly What? got their start playing the Fei Parties organized by Feirenbang in Taichung. Later they appeared at the Chaos hosted Vicious Circle Nites as well as numerous punk shows at live houses around the island. Over the years Silly What? has played at festivals like Formoz and Spring Scream and even made a trip to Osaka, Japan in 2004. However, the group disbanded shortly after, and now guitarist Ah-long and drummer Xiao-hung play alongside former Oi! vocalist How-die in the second generation band Damn Kidz.

"Cute Girl" - MV


Fly to the Sun, Fly to You - 2003