Spunka was a ska and punk amalgam centered around the Vicious Circle shop in Taipei's teen shopping district Ximen Ding and promoted by their pseudo label Chaos Punk Co. Ltd. They opted for the look of the Causalities and Rancid with crust gear and spiky mohawks and created a sound ska sound with the use of horns. Lyrical content was far from vapid with songs about their thought-numbing school system, two-faced government and the like. Chaos Punk released their first CD which was a rough recording but made a big impact on the youth of Taipei at the time bringing more kids to their shows as well as the Vicious Circle store where they all worked.

During the first generation of Taiwan punk of the early 2000's, the scene was divided unevenly between the fashion-oriented punks of Taipei lead by Spunka and the Vicious Circle crowd, and the less glamorous feirenbang a Taichung gang who went by English name The Useless Motherfuckers. Both groups through events like the Fei Parties and Vicious Circle Nite inviting each other to play with little more tension than a unspoken rivalry. Then things came to a head when the feirenbang supportive Punk Cow Team decided to mock Spunka at a Vicious Circle showcase for their overt fashion sense and bourgeois gear. Needless to say they were kicked from the stage causing an irreparable split between the factions. At the same time Spunka was growing in popularity playing to a large audience and placing as finalists at the 2003 Ho-Hai-Yan battle of the bands. However, they never quite recovered from being called out and disbanded playing only one reunion show at lounge 808 alongside Vicious Circle newcomers Sexy Lips and Heavy Smoker. Spunka's drummer Andy also recorded with Consider the Meek and did a stint in Hotpink while guitarist Hao now sings lead in the Taipei punk band Angry Young Man.


Self Titled - Chaos Punk - 2003

VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2003 (TCM029) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2004
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