Despite being a mismatch in a scene dominated by pop punk bands, this Taipei based rockabilly group captured the essence of the 50's in their style, attitude and music. Sugar Lady dressed in nerdy 50's fashion including suit jackets, tweed caps and horn-rimmed glasses and when lead singer Sam took hold of his rock 'n' roll style microphone the live house started to bop. Their swinging set included a mix of Mandarin originals and classic favorites by Eddie Cochran and the Stray Cats. In 2004, they recorded a demo CD and some of their songs found their way to compilations. Unfortunately, Sugar Lady they fell victim to obligatory military service and disbanded.

During their career, Sugar Lady has played at diverse venues from punk events like Vicious Circle Nite to parties hosted by the Doberman Pinscher mod shop. They have appeared at places across Taipei including The Underworld and Riverside Cafe as well as expat hangouts like The Living Room which helped them to build a following of local and foreign fans. On stage Sam occasionally lent a Buddy Holly hiccup to his Mandarin singing giving the songs a hint of authenticity while guitarist Frankie dutifully recreated songs like "Something Else" and "Stray Cat Strut." Although Taiwan never saw a real rockabilly boom, Spring Scream 2005 was graced with one whole stage of classic 50's style bands that included Japanese rockers Greasy Spoon, neo rockabilly band Fullhouse from Kaohsiung and Taipei's premier acts Chicken Rice and Sugar Lady. While Sugar Lady broke up shortly after, Frankie continues to play avidly in the power pop group Kenny from Casino.