Vanish are one of the more recent groups to an initiative started by Fall of this Corner and The Hindsight to build a progressive hardcore scene on Taiwan. Since forming in 2004, the group has become much more polished taking a cutting edge experimental approach to screamo, metal and hardcore. They have been in the studio for a while and plan to have a release in 2008.

Vanish started out playing with other Taiwanese emotional hardcore groups including Hindsight 20/20 and Fall of this Corner and gained a reputation for taking more experimental turns with their music than lesser known local emo bands. In 2004, they opened at an event called Hardcore Strike featuring Japanese outfit Endzweck. Since then they have been playing festivals and events around the island most recently joining the metal/hardcore crossover fest Show Me Your Power!? at the Huashan Culture Park in Taipei.

Live at APA Lounge 808