Part of heavy metal connoisseur Space Chen's wicked music enterprise spread across Asia, Metal Gate is a hard rock record shop located in the Gonguan university area in a basement-level subcultural hub that also houses several local fixtures such as J's Tattoos, trendy fashion shop IMPO, indie CD shop White Wabbit Orange and the The Wall live house. Space Chen also owns shops in Hong Kong and Beijing which act as an extension of his label Screaming Shout Records and concert promoting division Rock Empire. At Metal Gate in Taipei, you can find many obscure European and Japanese metal CDs alongside local Screaming Shout releases, a marketing strategy shared by its neighbor White Wabbit Records. Space Chen also makes use of the proximity to Taipei's top live house where Rock Empire has hosted major shredding events with virtuoso guitarists like Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen, consequently, leading more headbanging customers into the Metal Gate shop. So for those in search of the louder, faster and darker side of the Taiwanese music scene, Metal Gate is your portal.



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