Specializing in the erhu, often referred to the Chinese violin for its use in Chinese traditional music, Taiwanese American musician and composer Jack Hsu sought to apply the instrument to contemporary genres of rock, metal and progressive. In late 2005, he teamed up with several honed musicians who would help him achieve his goal in forming the Asian fusion group THE HSU-NAMI. The ensemble's music not only fuses the traditional and modern, but also crosses various cultural boundaries presenting the mystique of Asian culture as a whole through slices of motifs. This patchwork styling is exemplified on THE HSU-NAMI's albums Entering the Mandala completed in 2007 and the more recent 2009 release entitled The Four Noble Truths.

THE HSU-NAMI began playing around north Jersey, and taking advantage of the proximity to one of the world's largest cultural centers, the band became known at New York City venues like Piano's, the Mercury Lounge and CBGB's before it's closure. Jack Hsu has also tried to keep focused on the Asian American community often appearing at heritage and cultural events held during Asian Pacific Heritage Month. For instance, THE HSU-NAMI have become mainstays at the Passport 2 Taiwan festival held every May at Union Square. Brushing against the real Taiwan indie scene, THE HSU NAMI supported the erhu-powered symphonic metal band Chthonic at their UNLimited Taiwan protest concert in NYC in 2007. However, the band often takes a back seat to politics and has received criticism from pro-Taiwan independence supporters for allowing the 2008 Olympics to use their song "Rising of the Sun" for the Chinese basketball team in Beijing. Nevertheless, THE HSU-NAMI remain an important force for spreading an interest in Taiwan and they consistently find their waves spreading further afield most recently traveling to Vancouver for the 2009 TaiwanFest, North America's biggest Taiwan-themed cultural event.

"Rising of the Sun" - Live in NYC



The Four Noble Truths - 2009

Entering the Mandala - 2007
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