After moving to Long Island, NY at a young age, Taiwanese American Jack Tung grasped onto skate culture when he was in his teens in the late eighties. This naturally led Jack to discover underground punk and hardcore which, in turn, inspired him pick up the guitar. After playing in a few local Long island bands, he went solo taking influence from the post-hardcore scene of the early nineties, but with an ambient, cinematic approach. The result is a flurry of instrumentals that incorporate flecks of electronica, jagged beats and thrashy riffs, and yet obey a creative logic. Jack Tung's compositions also show a dedication to his family and their Taiwanese heritage. His debut album The Life and Times of Chengwin, recorded with the help of his brother, can be interpreted as an homage to his grandmother. Furthermore, both the CD and Jack Tung's website include photos of his childhood in Taiwan. Jack is still very active in the live music circuit appearing around the NYC area and even touring as far as California.

"Falcon" - Live at 169 Bar, NYC





Life and Times of Chengwin - Jack Tung Music - 2006