Johnny Hi-Fi is an acclaimed indie rock band that is essentially the brainchild of Eric Hsu, a Taiwanese American who was born in Taipei and moved to Austin, Texas during his formative years discovering alternative and underground music along the way. Eric Hsu has been composing Brit-pop inspired alt-rock compositions since 1992, but it wasn't until he relocated to New York City that he could realize his efforts with the band Johnny Hi-Fi. With Johnny Hi-Fi, he made his first connection to Taiwan in 1999 when Mando-pop singer Jen Ritchie covered the band's "Passive Killer" single.

By 2004 Johnny Hi-Fi had established themselves as a mainstay in NYC's rock scene playing at venues like Piano's and the Mercury Lounge, but Eric also kept focus on his roots backing popular Taiwanese rock artist Chang Cheng-Yue a.k.a Useless Guy on his US tour. Eric also took the opportunity to take part in the city's biggest Taiwan-themed event, Passport 2 Taiwan held annually in May at Union Square. In 2005, Johnny Hi-Fi made their first Asia tour taking them to Taipei's top live houses including The Wall and the Riverside Cafe. They completed a subsequent Asia tour in 2006 stopping over at Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Beijing for the Beijing Pop Festival where they opened up for the Placebo and Supergrass. Consequently, Eric Hsu and Johnny Hi-Fi continue to be an important cultural bridge for indie fans across the Pacific and farther abroad.

"Love Song on the Radio" - Music Video



Vicious Cycle of Promises & Apologies - 2008

Sad Stories - 2005

30 - 2004

The Freak Susan Years - 1999