The three musicians that form the Charlottesville, Virginia based Pinko Communoids experiment with various objects, instruments, and sound-modifying electronics to create a minimalist atmosphere filled in with subtle, intertwining tones, pitches and rumbles. While the improvisational nature of the trio allows for variation, the general formula has Carey Sargent handling percussion while Kevin Parks and Taiwanese American Wendy Hsu trade off playing guitar, tweaking effects pedals and adding extra sound with whatever they have planned for the moment. This experimentation adds a visual aspect to their live performance which Pinko Communoids have taken up and down the north east to cities like Boston, New York, Richmond and Washington, D.C. and as far as Taiwan. In 2007, the group toured the island appearing at small venues including the Nanhai Art Gallery in Taipei and Womb Bloc Arts in Kaohsiung among others along the way. Occasionally, they collaborated with Taiwan-based artists like avant garde vocalist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang of 12 Dog Cycle. A year later Wendy returned to visit again with her duo project Grapefruit Experiment making noise with friends as well as interviewing Taiwanese indie scene figureheads like Chthonic's Freddy Lim for her Asian-focused music blog Yellow Buzz. Pinko Communoids continue to be active in Virginia with the HzCollective, a group of locally based experimental musicians, as well as independently.

Live at WombBloc Arts



Volume One - 2008