The Slants are a multi-ethnic American indie band from Portland, Oregon that places an emphasis on promoting Asian culture within the current underground music scene and also works toward dispelling negative stereotypes that Asians in America are faced with. While the band's roster has seen several changes, bassist and founding member Simon Young, who is of Taiwanese and Hong Kongese descent, is credited with gathering the talent that would introduce the world to The Slant's self-described "Chinatown Dance Rock." After forming in 2007, The Slants quickly became known in the Asian American community as well as the anime convention circuit for their dance punk and new wave stylized songs with themes that touch on the Asian American experience and often celebrate aspects of Asian culture. Their name has brought about some controversy for its apparent political incorrectness, and Simon has even been refused a spot as guest speaker for the Asian American Youth Leadership Conference in Portland because the Oregon Commission on Asian Affairs found his band's name too offensive. However, most young fans realize the group has cleverly and effectively co-opted an offensive term in true guerrilla punk fashion. Despite the occasional misinterpretation, the band is widely known as a positive force in the community often making appearances at major cultural festivals like San Francisco's Asian Street Heritage Fair and the Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles. The Slants have seemingly been touring non-stop across the US, but they also have Taiwan and Asia in their sights.

"Kokoro (I Fall to Pieces)" - Live at PMX 2007



Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts - 2007
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