1976 is a modern Taiwan rock band that started out riding a wave of 70's retro garage and mod sounds brought to us in the west by the likes of NY rockers The Strokes and The Rapture. Because of their radio playability and likeness to more commercial Taiwan rock artists, they have become very popular among mainstream audiences while keeping the indie fans they grew up around. When they first began, they were among a few of Taiwan's most influential bands along with Ladybug and Sugar Plumb Fairy to be scouted by a local borderline indie label Crystal Records. Consequently, they have released several albums independently as well as on well know local labels like Crystal. During their career 1976 is have also appeared on local indie comps such as IS#2 and Grassfest. The band's chic appearance and well-produced danceable sound have made them one of the island's most requested indie acts.

1996 saw a breakthrough in Taiwanese underground rock with a few diverse bands making headway in the local pub circuit and even getting attention from abroad. Included in this scene was 1976 who have seen some of the most widespread local success because of the appeal of their clean-toned modern rock sound to mainstream audiences. This dedication even brought them out of a 2003 hiatus when loyal fans requested they play the Formoz festival that year. Their live house appearances continue to be sold out events with spectators eagerly waiting for their favorite disco rock tunes and Brit-pop ballads. In the past decade, 1976 has also supported Japanese experimental indie band Quizmaster on their trips to Taiwan. 1976 continue to perform regularly with other local indie rock and pop bands like Won Fu and Tizzy Bac and remain a band to experience for those interested in the Taiwan indie scene.






The New Wave Flow - 2007

The Late Summer of 1976 - 2004

VA - Grass Fest 2007 - Silent Agreement - 2007
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