88 Guava Seedz have been rousing audiences and sparking interest in locals and expat crowds alike since they formed around 1998. Wielding a battered acoustic and usually nursing a can of Taiwan Beer, singer A-Chang brings listeners into his songs that unfold like dreams and fables. Accompanied by Chen How's raw guitar solos and Guan Ling's punky bass, 88 Guava Seedz become a bluesy garage band with just enough local taike intensity. Both A-Chang and Guan Ling did stints in the spunky indie pop group Braces, but left to focus on 88 Guava Seedz. While the band is credited as winning the first ever Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards, their first album came out nearly eight years later with the Taiwan Colors Music 044 release of The 44 Stone Lions. However, previous tracks including the Stooges inspired "Clock People" can be found on TCM collections such as the 2001 Independent Compilation and the 2001 Ho-Hai-Yan Music Awards.

Known for their energetic stage performances, 88 Guava Seedz attract large crowds at festivals and live house events alike. Between songs, A-Chang engages the audience with a straightforward sincerity, and then goes nuts on his acoustic when the band sparks up. Guang ling and drummer Lin Yu An keep a cool steady rhythm throughout the set before Chen How ends up doing a patented somersault solo leaving his posterior upright! Ever since coming out on top at the 2001 Ho-Hai-Yan battle of the bands at Fulong Beach, 88 Guava Seedz have had huge festival turnouts with excited punks and average concert-goers eager to see the antics. The band also made their Japan debut in early 2009, hitting up several well know Tokyo rock clubs. If you're in Taipei visiting, check local listings because 88 Guava Seedz regularly play out at live houses with notable local bands like The Deadly Vibes, B.B. Bomb and LTK.

甜蜜的酸黃瓜 - MV





The 44 Stone Lions (TCM044) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2001 (TCM019) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
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VA - Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001 (TCM015) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
Available at Pacifiction Records!