Anarchy from Taiwan began rousing the Taichung punk scene in the late 90's with their local mix of metal, hardcore and protest songs. Bassist Anarchy Allen was known for his leading role in the feirenbang, a youth gang alternately titled the "Useless Motherfuckers," and would go on to become a well-known face in the underground scene later forming Hindsight 20/20 with Anarchy vocalist Jay, and more recently, Taimaica Soundsystem. As a band, Anarchy did alright for themselves landing a record deal with the Taiwanese label Crystal Records who released their only album Anarchy in Taiwan. The album did well and consequently Anarchy went on to influence many of the younger punk bands surrounding the Taichung-based feirenbang as well as youths in cities like Kaohsiung and Taipei.

Anarchy were especially involved in organizing punk events in Taichung called Stock Rock and Fei Parties with other local bands like The Clones (RPDX), Nerve and Semi-con to name a few. They also brought their raucous sounds into the political arena at the first Say Yes to Taiwan concerts organized by the Taiwan Rock Alliance (TRA) with support from Taiwan's Democratic People's Party. This got them noticed by the Taiwan Association of America who ended up sponsoring Anarchy on a four show US tour that took them to Texas, Delaware, Georgia and even NYC for a stop at one of the infamous Hardcore Punk Matinees at ABC No Rio. Anarchy broke up shortly after, but the experiences went on to fuel Jay and Allen's next project Hindsight 20/20. While Jay continues alone in a revamped melodic hardcore version renamed The Hindsight, Allen has become a well-known reggae DJ and frontman of the live-dub reggae outfit Taimaica Soundsystem, both of which are key figures in the Taiwan underground today.


Anarchy in the USA


Anarchy in Taiwan - Crystal - 2001