BackQuarter began pioneering rock music in Taiwan in the early 90's, and subsequently, paved the way for other local bands to establish themselves in an independent music industry. As Taiwanese youth was turning on to the metal, hard rock, grunge and alternative resonating out of the west, BackQuarter mixed it all up in true Taiwanese style and presented it on stage in a taike fashion that locals could relate to. Consequently, the band was first picked up by the local folk label Taiwan Colors Music and then later released more polished recordings on Sony Music Taiwan. As can be expected, BackQuarter went from a t-shirt-and-jeans pub rock band to slick boy band fashions with their transition from indie to major labels. After tiring of the limelight, the group recently decided to go indie again self-releasing their latest album World in 2008.

Ever since forming in 1993, performing live has not only been an essential part of BackQuarter's career, but also a major appeal for their vast amount of Taiwanese fans. The band started out when the Taiwanese live house circuit was just forming and live rock bands were becoming a more common form of weekend entertainment making them one of the forerunners of Taiwan underground rock. BackQuarter were also among the first to play at the fledgling Spring Scream festival and would later become attractions at other fests like Formoz. The band has also gained a following in Japan and arranged to play in Tokyo in 2007. Despite their increase in fame and several Golden Melody Award nominations, they have continued to play out at local venues like Riverside and The Wall over the years and, with their return to indie roots, are not likely to stop anytime soon.




Alt-rock pioneers return to their indie roots


TCM034 - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001

Rock Team - Taiwan Colors Music - 2003

Deep Blue - Plum Music - 2001

TCM004 - Taiwan Colors Music - 1999

Taiwan Independent Compilation 1999 (TCM000) - Taiwan Colors Music - 1999