Starting out as a buzz band around 1998, Champion quickly rose to popularity with the help and advice of frontman Huang Niu's cousin Monster from Mayday. Mayday are often portrayed as kind of big brothers to Champion in the media, and indeed, some parallels can be drawn. They both formed among college friends and were scouted early on by the local Taiwan Colors Music label which ended up including Mayday on their first Taiwan Independent Compilation in 1999 and Champion on the 2001 follow up. After some polishing, Champion was later signed to Rock Records and released several slick Taiwanese pop rock albums.

Performing in typical Taiwan boy band fashion, Champion's concerts are usually major affairs in arena-sized venues with largely teenage audiences. When Kenting in the south of Taiwan turns into a spring break frenzy, the band can be found at the more mainstream Spring Wave concert along with Mayday, Sodagreen and other popular artists. And, despite spending much of their career trying to step out of Mayday's shadow, Champion have seen their fair share of attention in the limelight.

昨天.今天.明天 - MV



VA - Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001 (TCM015) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
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