As a buzz band in the late 90's, Echo became known for modeling themselves in some fashion after Britpop bands like Suede, Pulp and Blur making them one of the Taiwan rock bands to experiment with more contemporary alternative sounds as opposed to the grunge and hard rock many of the local bands at the time were drawing on. The band first appeared on the second Taiwan Colors Music Taiwan Independent Compilation in 2001 alongside other up-and-coming bands of the time like Sodagreen, Champion and Won Fu. Since then, Echo has released a slew of singles, EP's and albums either independently or on quasi-major local labels.

Since forming nearly ten years ago, Echo has gained a wide following that eagerly awaits their new recordings as much as their live appearances. These days band can be seen performing to large audiences at major festivals like Formoz and Spring Scream, and even inside the occasional gondola or public bus (which made for a quite original series of 2008 music videos!).




Born To Live, Live To Give - 2008

巴士底之日 - 林暐哲音樂社 - 2007

感官駕馭 - 2002

VA - Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001 (TCM015) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
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