Along with the growth of live rock music in small pubs around the island after the lifting of martial law in 1987, there was also a migration of expats to Taiwan looking to discover new opportunities and adventure. Consequently, many original and cover bands were formed by foreigners looking to find niches as expats in a newly opened country. One of the few successful bands to mix local and foreigner rockers was Feiwu, meaning something like "waste people," who broke out in 1997 and managed to score a record deal with Taiwan's quasi-major label Crystal Records. They released one album entitled Ring of Fire featuring great rock songs mostly in Mandarin with electronically experimental punk sounds as well as takes on local themes like Taiwan Beer and the like with a more taike influence. While Feiwu disbanded after 1999, with three quarters of the band relocating to the Boston area, they are still remembered as progenitors expats in the Taiwan underground scene.

During their heyday, Feiwu was known to hang out with emerging local bands like Ladybug, Sugar Plum Ferry, 1976 and the Clippers who they often appeared alongside on indie compilations. They often performed at local venues of the day like Vibe in Taipei as well as big fests like Spring Scream. The expats in the band, minus the only Taiwanese member Steve on drums, got together for some studio practice sessions in Massachusetts but never continued leaving be their imprint on Taiwan.




A rock and roll past in Taiwan


- 2001