While Mayday has risen to become one of the most well-known and loved pop rock bands in Asia, they ultimately came from small beginnings among the Taiwan underground rock scene. Their early songs were a rough, almost garage, take on taike rock, but later their sound became more light-hearted and flashy with songs influenced by the Brit-pop stylings of the 90's. They made an early appearance on the first Taiwan Colors Music Independent Compilation in 1998 and after they got picked up by Rock Records the band saw immediate success. Despite the band's popularity, Mayday are still recognized as an important part of the indie scene having proved that a small-time college rock band could become overwhelmingly appealing.

Emerging in the mid 90's, Mayday took advantage of Taiwanese live house's new receptivity to original music; doors opened previously by the likes of BackQuarter and Chairman. The band won many fans over playing small venues like Vibe, and also during their early appearances at burgeoning festivals like Formoz and Spring Scream. After signing with Rock Records, the band saw overnight transition from the smokey restaurant bar to arena stadiums. After a three year hiatus due to mandatory military service Mayday returned to the studio as well as the stage and eventually went on a world tour taking them from America to China, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. And they still find time to return to Kenting in the Spring playing at Spring Wave or one of the other major events coinciding with the always indie Spring Scream. Watching Mayday live is like watching a movie where the little guy succeeds, giving just a little more joy to the viewer.

"Perfume" - MV




Poetry of the Day After - B'In Music - 2008

Born to Love - B'In Music - 2006

God's Children Are All Dancing/Flying Angels With A Falling Soul - Rock Records - 2004

Time Machine - Rock Records - 2003

People Life, Ocean Wild - Rock Records - 2001

Viva Love - Rock Records - 2000

Self Titled - Rock Records - 1999

Taiwan Independent Compilation 1999 (TCM000) - Taiwan Colors Music - 1999