Mojo is one of the few bands to take taike sounds in to the 2000's, albeit with a more grooving pub rock party vibe and better sound production. Guitarist Chang Kuo-shi lays down metal riffs and power chord grooves over a tight rhythm section. Chang also appeared on stage with the irreverent LTK a few times and Mojo shares similar debased traits in songwriting if not performance. Mojo calls to mind working class struggle and romance with Chang's smooth vox and funky guitar skills. Their first album was released by the record label division of Taiwan's popular radio station Hit FM and was very well received, in part for the creative videos for singles like "Baby, I Love You."

Mojo got quickly famous for their status as a taike party band, with working class themes and danceable hard rock to go along with a night of drinking. They played Taipei's big evenues like The Wall and the Underworld and also joined big fests like Formoz playing alongside peers like the recent version of LTK Commune. Chang Kuo-shi's stage presence is full of charisma taking audience members not only into the groove of the music but of his distinct voice as well.

"Baby, I Love You" - MV



快歌一號 - Hitoradio - 2007